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Animal Science Workshops

animal science workshops

Animal workshops are for small groups with up to 15 participants. Take home items are provided in each workshop.

Science workshops are 1 ½ hours in length.

Special rates apply. Please call 704-436-9048 for more information.

Available Programs:

Shark Tooth Fossil Dig
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Owl Pellet Dissection
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Animal Detectives  - Tracking It!
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fossil educational programs

Shark Tooth Fossil Dig

See live sea creatures and take home fossilized shark teeth you find!  It's like having a saltwater petting zoo visit you.

All shark lovers, treasure seekers, dirt diggers and paleontologists please take note!  Your shark adventure starts with information on sharks and a display of their jaws, shark pups, shark skin, shark eggs and a tooth from an extinct Megalodon shark.  Each participant in this workshop gets their own fossilized dirt and digs to collect fossils to take home including shark teeth, stingray mouth plates and coral fragments.

An example of hands-on artifacts in this program includes:  A preserved Smooth Dogfish Shark pup, Banded Shark egg cases, shark jaws, shark teeth from several species of sharks and a fossilized shark tooth from the extinct Megalodon shark.

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owl educational workshop

Owl Pellet Dissection

Dissect your own owl pellet and discover skeletons hidden inside to take home!  See an owl’s favorite food, live rats and mice.

Learn about birds of prey and how they bring home dinner!  Owl’s can digest only a portion of their meal.  The undigested bones are cast off as pellets.  Each participant gets their very own sterilized owl pellet to dissect.  You will discover what the owl ate.  Your bone chart will help you find out if the owl ate a mouse, rat or shrew.  How?  By the different skeleton body parts you will discover from skulls to tailbones. 
An example of hands-on artifacts in this workshop includes:  See a variety of owl wings, skulls and talons from a Great Horned Owl, Barred Owl and Screech Owl.  A Barred Owl next box is also on display.
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animal educational workshops

Animal Detectives  - Tracking It!

Make your own animal plaster track to take home!
Do you know what kind of animals live in your forests and fields?  An animal detective discovers what they leave behind by identifying their foot prints.  Learn how to identify animal tracks from fox, squirrel, beaver, raccoon, dog, coyote, skunk and Black bear.  Participants can make their own plaster-of-Paris animal track for take home.

An example of hands-on artifacts in this program include:  Red Fox pelt and skull, White-tailed deer pelt and skull, Raccoon pelt and skull, Coyote pelt and skull, Striped skunk pelt and skull, Eastern Cottontail Rabbit pelt and skull.

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To schedule a program call 704-436-9048 Email: woodswalk@carolina.rr.com